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As the college fund commercials back in the 80s said, ‘the mind is a terrible thing to waste’. The commercial wasn’t really about what we’re going to be talking about here, but the idea is one which can be applied here as well.

Your mind power is more amazing than you can imagine; the biggest reason for this is because you can change the landscape of your entire life if you can unleash this power of mind.

The subconscious mind has unbelievable power hidden within it. If you’ve had the opportunity to watch, ‘The Secret’ you realized the potential and possibly used it to your advantage. This uses the idea of the ‘power of mind’.

It's likely that almost every day you come across at least one person who has changed their life using Mind Power.

Since Mind Power programme was approved by The American Medical Association in 1958, it's been used to help people: lose weight, stop smoking, end procrastination, reduce pain, increase self-esteem, manage stress, end public speaking fear, and take control over their lives generally.

We make it possible for you to use the power of Mind in the comfort of your own home for all of the issues mentioned above, and more!

In just 15 minutes a day, you can experience the proven benefits of Mind Power by using actual Mind Power.

And you can be assured that these programs will not make you quack like a duck or become a zombie mind slave!

What these programs will do is put you in more control over your thoughts, beliefs, and habits so that you can make the changes you want to make instead of living in a quiet (or not so quiet) state of frustration.


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Jane Brody mentions The 'Mind Power' Network as the source for home use Mind Power audio programs in the article titled: "The Epitome of Mind-Body Medicine." She features our very own Dr. Roberta Temes.